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As part of our Chocolate Topic, Class 3 are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  This week, we have interviewed four characters who found a Golden Ticket. Why don't you ask your child about these characters.


As part of our Chocolate Topic, we have been learning about the Aztecs. This week we have found out about what they ate, their houses, beliefs and the sundial. Have a look at the pictures, and ask your child what they found out.  

We are still reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have written a paragraph about The Chocolate Room, and have described what you would find inside. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • fizzy buttercups (PS)
  • pancake tree stumps (JC)
  • cookie dough sandpit (MMK)
  • red velvet mushrooms (KC)
  • caramel waterfall (CL)
  • strawberry lace worms (NE)
  • lollypop trees (FL)
  • doughnut rubber rings (TA)
  • mint chocolate grass (KL)
  • candyfloss balls (AW)
  • candy cane flowers (EW)
In Science, we are learning about magnetism. This week, we took part in an investigation to find out if all 1p and 2p coins are magnetic. We found out that only some of the coins were magnetic, and this depended on when they were made. If coins were made before 1992 they were non-magnetic because they are made from bronze. 
In our music lessons, we are learning the violin with Mrs Clarke.  We having been learning how to play G, D, A, E by plucking the strings. We are beginning to learn some songs as well. 
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